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Food For Thought

This blog is written by Justin Walsh for the Trentham Food Hub. All guest posts will be labelled with contributing authors. Enjoy!

Planting the seed

Justin Walsh

We eat every day, most of us at least three times, but how much do we really think about our food? We certainly couldn't survive without it, but how many of us think about our relationship to it beyond "I'm hungry" or "that's delicious"? How often do we consider where our food comes from or what really happened before we put it in our shopping basket?

I'm willing to bet that most of us would benefit from paying a bit more attention to our food, myself included. I don't see myself as a preacher and I'm not an expert by any means, but I do find it useful to hear others' thoughts on this topic so I thought it might be useful to offer mine. 

A blog is also a good way to continue or expand on the threads of conversation that emerge from our local community events and various other happenings. We held a Food Forum in Trentham back in June 2013, which underpinned the subsequent work for the Trentham Food Hub. One of the comments that emerge from that forum was "it's impossible to cover everything at once", and since then I've been thinking of ways to fill the gaps between these discussions and discoveries so we don't (a) feel the need to cover everything at once, or (b) cover the same ground in future discussions.

For me, at least, this is a way to construct the narrative of the Trentham Food Hub and the local food system it supports. It's a way to expand our local food discourse and position it within the national and international discourse surrounding the future of food.

Hopefully you'll see guest posts from other contributors and hopefully we'll hear back from you in the comments section, but at the very least I hope this process will allow us to record and 'flesh out' our collective understanding of what we want for our food system and what a Food Hub means for our community.

Justin Walsh.