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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose covers four broad areas, outlined below: 


Education and Extension


  • Provide agricultural extension services to the next generation of farmers and enable consumers to make informed food choices.


  • Facilitate the peer-to-peer sharing of skills, research and knowledge amongst producers

  • Pursue broader research and development projects in partnership with allied organisations to support the long-term viability of our agriculture and food production industry

  • Empower consumers with awareness and experience of the processes, practices and culture embedded in our local food system

  • Encourage more Victorian food buyers to purchase healthy, sustainable food with intent and support farmers they have met, whose practices align with their values.

Local Employment


  • Multiply viable career opportunities for passionate food professionals.


  • Confidently promote farming is a sensational way of life and viable, fulfilling career choice.

  • Develop a local apprenticeship program that integrates work experience with vocational training to create opportunities for our young people, across the entire food system.

  • Advocate fair terms of trade for farmers by educating consumers, diversifying the supply chain and fostering high-value niche production.

  • Proactively position new supply chain and farming models in our community to create new business and expand existing local business capacity



  • Stay the course and deliver sustainable outcomes to our community well into the future.


  • Build an adaptive, innovative and profitable enterprise that creates value through trade. 

  • Market a strong local brand that demonstrates the integrity of our producers and our community.

  • Put forward a value proposition that is directly responsive to the needs of our local growers, cookers and eaters.

  • Prioritise the long-term viability of our organisation in addressing local needs.




  • Create mutual benefit for our community and food system through our activities.


  • Build a supportive culture that values inclusion, partnership and individual wellbeing.

  • Apply the pride, passion and initiative of our community to imagining and implementing our future food system.

  • Harness new technology and the web to engage with the wider Victorian, Australian and Global communities of farming and food system advocates

  • Work directly with allied community organisations wherever possible and seek opportunities to actively promote the work of these groups.