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Our Vision

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a vibrant network of informed, passionate and creative people working together within the community to expand the capacity of our local food and fibre industry.


We operate with 4 core values:


We work together as a community of people that are invested in our food. We work with our broader local community and support our local economy.

We also work with research and advocacy groups around Australia, and we contribute to informal support networks of similar organisations, producers and individual advocates, both locally and further afield.



In reaction to a food system that is failing us, we are striving to create new opportunities for new local growth. We are doing things a little differently and employing a wide array of skills in the process.

We endeavour to implement a business model that is adaptable and inherently creative to assist our producers in tacking major challenges.


Our work is founded on a deep respect for our local growers and artisans.

Local food production is a life enriching process fostered by a nurturing ecology and refined skills developed through many generations.

We hold respect for all people we work with, their unique capabilities, experience and values. We support individual choice and perspective.


The Trentham Food Hub operates within the community as a member-based nonprofit social enterprise. We are locals who are invested in the future of our local food sector, accountable to one another, our community and the landscape in our care.

We promote and support ethical and accountable producers and strive for transparency of governance in our organisation.