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In The Pipeline

R & D



On behalf of our members, we are building capacity for undertaking research at a local level into the paradigms (past and present) of our agriculture sector and land use, diversification, emerging niche opportunities, resource management and market needs.

We are developing our service offering for local growers, cookers and eaters through an ongoing feedback loop and will continue to refine our services and research methodologies in response to changing needs.

We are working on a program of workshops, events and publications to facilitate peer-to-peer extension and build our local knowledge base.

There is a tremendous abundance of skills and experience among our producers. Along with these magnificent folk we're working hard creating opportunities for the next generation to draw from that experience and contribute to a sustainable future for the industry in our small part of the world. 


Access to the right equipment, and the skills to use it effectively, is a hurdle for emerging farmers and those experimenting with different practices.

We're fleshing-out a model for reducing the time and financial outlay of this process so you can hire the gear, learn the best way to use it and just get cracking. If you're interested in getting involved (either need access to equipment or have some you haven't used in a while), just get in touch.

We'd love to have a yarn with you about these projects and everything else we have going on. You might like to get involved or just let us know you're interested so we can keep you in the loop.